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Financial Inclusion Society's Collaboration with Manav Sadhna

The London School of Economics’ Financial Inclusion Society has devoted itself to the cause of volunteer impact consulting, going so far as to change the name of our society from Microfinance Society to the Financial Inclusion Society to incorporate a broader impact. The scope of our work, since 2015, has been to conduct approximately 20 pro-bono consulting projects with global financial inclusion institutions, NGOs, and social enterprises. The last year has only honoured that tradition.

The Financial Inclusion Society’s consulting division has offered pro-bono consultancy work to Manav Sadhna, a large-scale NGO in the Gujarat state of India, primarily focused on the deprived neighbourhoods of Ahmedabad. The Financial Inclusion Society’s consulting division has been working on finding more effective means of for Manav Sadhna to continue providing daily to the 14,010 beneficiaries of its programs, and the 39,325 annual health beneficiaries. In particular, our program has provided risk reduction strategies in operations management encourage program sustainability, ensuring a lifetime impact to thousands of people who depend on Manav Sadhna.

In particular, the 41 current projects, and 82 NGO run preschools NGOs have been our groups main priority, focusing on areas of sustainability, summarizing key lessons for the promotion of microenterprises by Manav Sadhna, and how to capitalize stakeholder relations. Our group’s aim is to ensure that our contributions translate into a structure to sustain the impact Manav Sadhna has on thousands of people in Gujarat, and one which can expand into assisting even more people in the future.

This is a goal London School of Economics’ Financial Inclusion Society impact consulting is determined to see to completion over the next year and for many more to come.

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